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Wheaton Suspended or Revoked Driver’s License Attorney

Wheaton Suspended License Lawyer

Experienced DWLS/DWLR Lawyer in DuPage County, Illinois

Driving with a suspended or revoked driver’s license in Illinois is a serious traffic offense. Unlike minor traffic violations such as speeding, a DWLS or DWLR violation can lead to heavier fines and even jail time. Because driving with a suspended or revoked license is a criminal offense, you need an experienced Illinois criminal defense attorney to defend these charges and stand up for your rights.

At The Law Office of Stacey A. McCullough Ltd, we have represented numerous clients over the years that have lost their driving privileges and/or been faced DWLS/DWLR charges. Stacey thoroughly understands this area of the law and has an unwavering commitment to ensuring that your penalties are minimized and you receive the best possible outcome for your case.

Driver’s License Suspensions and Revocations in Illinois

A person can lose their driving privileges in Illinois for a number of reasons. Some of the more common reasons for a driver’s license to be suspended or revoked include:

  • Statutory Summary Suspension (SSS) Related to a DUI
  • Unsatisfied Traffic Citations
  • Ten or More Unsatisfied Parking Violations
  • Failure to Pay Automated Traffic Violations
  • Failure to Pay Court-Imposed Fines
  • Failure to Pay Court-Ordered Child Support
  • Five or More Tollway Violations or Evasions

When your driver’s license is suspended or revoked, the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office is required to send you notification to the last known address they have on file. Though you may have notified the SOS when they have a change of address, the address the SOS has on file is not always the most up-to-date. This can become a serious point of contention as to whether or not you were properly notified of the suspension or revocation.

If you have received notification (via arrest or mail) that your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked, do NOT risk driving while your license is in this status. Instead, find out why you have lost your driving privileges and take the necessary steps to have your license reinstated.

Illinois DLWS/DWLR Penalties

DWLS/DWLR is at least a Class A misdemeanor in Illinois. This means having a criminal arrest on your record, fines of up to $2,500, and up to one year in county jail. Certain instances may result in a Class 3 felony charge, with fines of up to $25,000 and up to three years in state prison. With so much at stake, driving with a suspended or revoked license is not a charge you should face on your own; you need competent legal representation from an attorney that is willing to fight for your future.

For an Initial Attorney Meeting with a compassionate and committed Illinois DWLS/DWLR lawyer, contact our firm today at 630-871-1700. Attorney McCullough will assess the facts of your case so we can mitigate the damage and get your life back to normal as soon as possible. Our law firm represents clients in criminal legal cases, traffic violations, juvenile defense cases and expungements throughout the Chicago area in Wheaton, Downers Grove, Lombard, Batavia, Aurora, Will County, Cook County, Kendall County, and surrounding Illinois communities.




Call Us630-871-1700

1737 South Naperville Road, Suite 100
,Wheaton, IL 60189

250 W. River Drive, Unit 2A
,St. Charles, IL 60174

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