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Case Results

Class X Aggravated Battery to a Child trial - Presented expert witnesses on so-called "Shaken Baby Syndrome."  Client was a young father accused of violently shaking his 5-month old son, causing permanent brain damage.  He was facing 6-30 years in prison if convicted.  I was successful in arguing client was only guilty of Reckless Conduct, a class A misdemeanor, and he received only 6 months of work release in the county jail and probation. Read the Tribune article.

Kane County client charged with Class 2 felony of Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer after a struggle.  After investigation, charge reduced to class B misdemeanor, Attempt Resisting a Peace Officer, sentenced to court supervision and community service.

Will County clients charged with Class 2 Burglary for entering a school without permission and damaging property.  After presentation of mitigation, charge reduced to Class A misdemeanor, sentenced to supervision and community service.

DuPage County client charged with Felony Theft for stealing laptops from school. After exploring client's substantial emotional and behavioral issues, charge reduced to Class A misdemeanor Theft, sentenced to court supervision and community service.

DuPage County client facing mandatory class X sentencing (6-30 years) for 6th DUI arrest.  Charge reduced to Class 2 felony, sentenced to 3 1/2 years IDOC.

DuPage County client facing non-probationable Residential Burglary (4-15 year prison sentence) for entering home without permission and stealing a safe with over $50,000 cash.  Substantial mitigation provided to State resulted in amendment to Class A misdemeanor Theft, sentenced to probation and 52 days county jail.

DuPage County clients facing repeat misdemeanor and felony Retail Theft charges.  Clients accepted to Mental Health Court after presentation of mitigating circumstances and history of treatment.

DuPage County client facing multiple, non-violent property and drug related felony charges, prior prison sentences.  Client accepted to Drug Court after presentation of mitigating circumstances and pattern of substance abuse.

*Every case outcome varies depending upon the specific facts and applicable law.




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